ByLight it's not just a shop with lapms and accessories.

The light, which not only illuminates the interior, but also creates them, it's our passion. Our studio for many years provides unique solutions in simple forms that find themselves in designer interiors. Is this a real loft or a small cozy M2, the choice of designer lamps in ByLight, enables to select something suitable.

In ByLight Showroom You can find hanging lamps, wall lamps, desk lamps, tables and gadgets such as extensions with colorful cables. In addition, our offer is a wide range of accessories that allow you to build your own lamps.


Original Edison light bulbs.

In the Decorative light bulbs section You will see the original Edison bulbs in which the carbon filament is painted in yellow-orange color palette but also many others. Intricate patterns of filaments are braided by hand and after lighting will show their full beauty. The offer includes both bulbs in classic Edison shape, as well as other round, long or which resemble the tube.

Recently, ByLight introduced decorative light bulbs done in modern LED technology, where LEDs are arranged in the shape of the original Edison bulbs. Where you need more light, we offer halogen bulbs in classic Edison shapes. We also encourage you to read the offer of decorative milk bulbs.


The next puzzle is the colorful cord.

In ByLight we offer a wide range of eighteen colors of cables braided in polyester. From the classic zebra like the iron cord, to the blood-red but also pink and magenta. Recently colorful extensions based on this cables are also available.

Moreover, in our offer there are numerous accessories that make the lamp take on its character, but the most important thing is that the design process is now on the side of the customer! Just select the all the elements and its done. You can order all items separatly and build lamp by yourself or leave it to us. Then the light comes ready to hang.


We are open to customer's ideas.

This created many beautiful, small and large lamps that still make the joy of giving a warm atmosphere and an amazing experience. We also produce very complex installations and then the results are simply breathtaking.

Such custom projects allow us to cross the boundaries further and do more interesting lamps to our customers.


Contact us.

Our workshop is also willing to cooperate with architects and interior designers. Our lamps appeared in many interesting arrangements accross Poland and Europe. You can find Bylight in many restaurants and cafes where our lighting perfectly calms the mood and highlights the atmosphere.

Feel free to contact us, where our PROFESSIONAL advisors dispel any doubts and advise which solution will be best.