• Workshop

    Handmade Lamps

    At Bylight, we put our whole heart into every lamp that comes out
    with our hands. The production process always starts in the same
    place - from the drawing board. When we have a ready project
    then a prototype is created, which after the adjustments becomes a product
    final. We love what we do!

  • Showroom

    Welcome to our showroom!
    Come and seen our stuff live!

    The emotions the bulb evoke, invariably appear
    every time it is turned on. See for yourself what mood will bring
    to your interior.



    We light up the gardens, terraces and balconies. Subtle garden lighting will create a unique atmosphere, during barbecue with friends, rest in the garden, as well as during parties organized in the open air.

  • Oryginalne Lampa Duńskie!
  • Edison light bulbs

    Original Edison light bulbs.
    Only at ByLight.

    We appreciate the products which not only serve their purpose, but also have an impact on their surroundings. The subtle wires heating up from light-orange to vibrant-yellow perfectly picture the buildup of mood during a relaxing evening.

  • Contact us

    Need custom made lamp?

    We help Your ideas come true. Just contact us and tell what elements we should join and how.


  • ByLight Lamps

    ByLight Lamps

    Each lamp is designed by us in the smallest details.
    It is a long-lasting process in which the first plans, visions and dreams
    are transformed into sketches and prototypes - a very demanding,
    but also extremely satisfying element of our everyday work.

    Check it out!

  • Colour cords

    Colour Cords

    A multitude of colors. In ByLight you have a very large selection of colored wire.
    Enjoy your shopping!

    SEE IT!

  • LED Light Bulbs

    LED Light Bulbs
    Energy saving classics!

    Classic shapes & wide range of super energy saving light bulbs.

    Click & Find something For Yourself

  • Lumica Lamp

    The Lumica lamp is based on the classic lamps popular in the United States in the 50s and 60s of the twentieth century.

    Entirely hand-made by Polish craftsmen ensure that each lamp is unique.


  • Bylight Soul Lamps

    Soul Lamps

    The beauty of Polish craftsmanship at its best. You choose the type and color of the finish of the lamp. We can offer
    galvanized or painted in chosen RAL color finishing.

  • Cage Lamps

    Cage Lamps

    Entirely hand-made by Polish craftsmen
    ensures that each lamp is unique.


Produkty dla Ciebie