lampa sufitowa

What are the key elements of a basic ceiling lamp?

Basic lamp consists of: ceiling rose, piece of cable, bulb holder, 2 fastening pieces (if bulb holder or ceiling rose need it), light bulb.

How to buy the cable?

If you buy a piece of a cable you’re buying 1 meter lenght of that cable. It means that buying 12 pieces of one cable you buy 12 metres of that cable. Maximium lenght is 100 metres.

Can you illuminate a room with Edison style light bulbs?

Sure. Every Edison light bulb besides its decorative functions is the source of light. 40 Watts light bulbs have around 150 lmns, 60 Watts light bulbs have around 240 lmns

What is the rated life of an Edison light bulb?

Rated life of an Edison light bulb is around 2 to 3 thousands working hours on a full power. There is a way to lenghten the rated life of a bulb by installing a dimmer.

Does the LED light bulbs work with a dimmer?

LED light bulbs offered in ByLight store does not work with a dimmer.

Why is ByLight offering 2x0,75mm² power cables?

The dimension of 2x0,75mm² is enough to provide the power for light bulbs and lamps.

Why dimmer is buzzing?

It is caused by electro-mechanical vibrations. This sound is completely normal and it depends on the load of the dimmer.

Is it possible to build a lamp that consists of many light bulbs?

Sure. The ceiling canopy is crucial in such lamps. There are ceiling canopies models that are suitable for many cords going out of them. The biggest one that we have made had 75 braided cords going out of it, so there was 75 bulbs hanging from that ceiling canopy.

How long does the shipping take?

Most of the orders of bulbs, cables and accessories we ship within 24h. In case of lamps built specialy for You, we ship them in 1-4 days depending on how complicated the lamp is. Painted and galvanized lamps we ship in 7-10 days.

Is it possible to pick the order directly in our shop?

Yes. You can pick up the orders in our shop at Burakowska 15 st. in Warsaw

Can I personally mount the lamp on a ceiling?

Despite that it’s not complicated we recommend to hire a qualified electrician.

How to safely send back the products to ByLight?

All bulbs and lamps should be packed in its original boxes. All elements in a box should be safely wrapped in a bubble wrap. Always before returning goods please contact us for detailed instructions on how to return.