The MixPanel 60 RGBWW LED Panel by Nanlite is a 43.2 x 35.6 x 7.6 cm luminaire, capable of switching between a traditional multi LED panel for hard light, a diffused SMD LED panel for soft light, and an adjustable RGB panel to provide colorful, creative effects at the touch of a button.

The MixPanel has a wide range of CCTs from 2700 to 7500, so it integrates seamlessly into any situation with ambient lighting, matches with other fixtures or simply for creative expression. The panel's high CRI / TLCI of 98/95 is indicators of advanced color rendering accuracy. It is also possible to adjust the magenta / green balance for greater precision, as well as adjust the light intensity from 0 to 100% for further versatility.

One of the MixPad's advanced features is RGB mode, which uses 4-in-1 LEDs to access literally over 16 million different color combinations for optimal choice. The device also has a Boost mode.

When using hard light in normal mode, the MixPanel 60 produces 4980 Lux at 3.28 'and 5600 K. When switched to Boost mode, the output power increases to 6600 Lux. Plus, with dimming from 100% to 0%, you can quickly adapt the MixPanel 60 to any scene without adding ND filters and diffusion.

Another benefit is the built-in 43 gel library which provides five CTOs, five CTBs and thirty-three Calcolor options. In addition, the light has nine special effects including Hue Loop, CCT Loop, Flash, Pulse, Storm, Siren, TV, Paparazzi and Candle / Fire.

The MixPanel 60 is ready for worldwide use thanks to a 100 to 240 VAC adapter, but will also run on optional batteries via a V-mount plate.

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As a sub-brand of Nanguang, Nanlite is committed to creating lighting solutions that meet the wide range of film needs.

Referring to the needs of users, they focus on the highest class 'user expirience' and good quality design.

based on industry trends, they provide the best lighting solutions in the cinema space.