NanLite Compac 200B Adjustable Bi-Color Slim Soft Light Studio LED Panel

With a diameter of 4.8 cm and compatibility with T12, the PavoTube 30C 4 inch RGBW LED lamp with an internal NanLite battery is ideal for discreet work in confined spaces or for illuminating frames in vehicles such as cars, boats or airplanes.

The octagonal shape allows the lamp to be placed on the floor or other surface at a certain angle.

This versatile lamp with 0-100% brightness adjustment, 2850 lumen maximum output and 2700 to 6500K color temperature adjustable, also has full RGB control and pre-programmed special lighting effects.

Get impressive results without adding plastic filters or gels. PavoTube's easy-to-use knobs and buttons let you choose from warm to cold temperature or hue and saturation in RGB mode.

Perfect for use in the studio or wherever you are, the PavoTube RGBW lamps can run from the included AC adapter or internal lithium-ion batteries for over 2 hours at full brightness, even when mains power is not available.

Simply connect multiple PavoTube RGBW lamps to each other with a special sync cord and create a powerful light array with timed adjustments and effects.

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As a sub-brand of Nanguang, Nanlite is committed to creating lighting solutions that meet the wide range of film needs.

Referring to the needs of users, they focus on the highest class 'user expirience' and good quality design.

based on industry trends, they provide the best lighting solutions in the cinema space.